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“On several occasions recently I needed answers to complex compliance questions fast. Each time I called Doug Schriner at faRiskManagement, and each time I received timely, authoritative answers without the frustrating “I’ll get back to you later” responses I so often hear from others. Doug’s depth and breadth of knowledge about compliance issues that impact my multi-disciplinary practice is amazing, and his ability to simplify cumbersome regulatory “legaleze” and integrate compliance issues from multiple financial arenas illustrates a firm grasp of his craft and marks him as a real professional. A relationship with Doug and faRiskManagement is well worth the cost of membership, especially in the currently expanding and sometimes hostile regulatory environment. Thanks, Doug, for providing access to professional advice for those of us who provide professional advice; and for answering your telephone. You’ve been a godsend!"

Benny M. Turner, Founder and President
Turner Financial Group, Inc.
Income Advisors USA, LLC
Tax Advisers USA, LLC
Pace, FL 32571

“I signed up for FA Risk Management thinking (and hoping) I would never need it.  When I had an arbitration come my way, I was very glad I had the service. FA Risk Management was very useful and took some of the stress out of the situation. Douglas Schriner was helpful, responsive and efficient, and I am so glad that I had the service in addition to my E&O insurance."

Kathy Heshelow

“I'd like to ask Who Has Your Back?
Think It's your B/D or your Insurance Company or Your FMO or your E&O carrier?

“I've got news for you. When the problems come and they will (if you see enough people) You'll quickly learn they will cover their own butts and walk on you. I have been in the business for 30 years and the top 1% of Insurance and Financial Advisors with  20 years of Lifetime Qualification for MDRT. You need to know that a truly knowledgeable caring group of people are in your corner to protect your ASSets! That would be your membership in FARisk. You don't want to be alone in this game!"

Pete Borowski
30 year veteran of the industry

“I have had the opportunity to work with and use FA Risk Management. The FA Risk Mgmt team have proven to be of high integrity, and experts in the field of risk management and insurance. I am especially impressed with the time they spent consulting with me on this very important aspect of my business. I highly recommend them as they have been a valuable asset to my business.”

Daniel M Croke
Managing Member
Wholesale RES LLC

"In 2009, Financial Advisors Legal Association supported me in a $4 million arbitration case. This was an extremely complex case associated with a Tenant-in-Common property sale, which involved my broker dealer, multiple attorneys and due diligence officers, third party legal and due diligence parties, and voluminous case files. FA Legal engaged an attorney for my case who was very professional and thorough, who I would recommend for any representative in a similar situation. Through a group effort coordinated by FA Legal’s attorney, the case came to a satisfactory conclusion with no findings against the broker dealer or the financial representative. I believe that the result may have been less optimal without the professional involvement of FA Legal and their attorney. I would highly recommend both for litigation protection or defense for a representative desiring professional representation."

Dr. Gary Ackerman
Member since October 10, 2005

“When I needed help regarding a bogus arbitration filed by a client of my old firm, Doug Schriner and FA Risk Management provided the advice and guidance at a critical point in my career. Their support helped me through the process and ultimately cleared my record of the false accusations.  The value and service of FA Risk Management is something I recommend to every advisor.”

Tony Taddeo, CFP

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