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financial_00.jpgProtecting yourself from litigious action is a time consuming and expensive activity. Thousands of hours a year are spent industry wide creating and implementing various best practice solutions, including and certainly not limited to: disclosure statements, disclaimers, rules, laws, regulations, policies, procedures, employee training and other such items.

In all of these thousands of hours not one rule or regulation or policy has kept someone from suing you. It still comes down to as it always does, how much pain can you take? Can you afford to defend a lawsuit? Attorneys are charging as much as $600-$1000 an hour. The average preparatory time is nearly 12 hours if you are not organized. Do the math. You haven’t even gone to court yet or to mediation/arbitration. The average unprepared registered rep will spend 1000 hours of his own time dealing with and preparing for his eventual arbitration. What do you earn an hour? Have you looked? $100 an hour? $500 an hour? $1000 an hour?

You are the only one who is able to calculate the potential impact this may have on your life.

Based on this knowledge you can count on spending at least $12,000 on an attorney to prepare your defense and (if you are unprepared) maybe a $100,000 or more in time you could have been using to grow your business and continue your activities. Expenses in a lawsuit will always increase and you must be able to pay and pay quickly. Attorneys are calloused to the stories of “not enough money” and they do not wait for payment. They have plenty of clients who have similar problems and those clients have money to defend themselves. What would you do? 

Many of your colleagues have already joined our network and are enjoying the benefits of membership in FA RISK MANAGEMENT. Those members utilizing all the benefits of membership are enjoying the peace of mind knowing that they are prepared for any eventualities, and are fully engaged in their business and their clients.

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I have voluminous amounts of cash and I need the training so I wanna check it out for now! 

The eMitigation Membership for $195.00 per year. Join Now

Did you know the average cost of legal representation for arbitration has risen from $16,000 in 2001 to over $50,000 today?

I can't afford the possibility of someone suing me, SIGN ME UP for the whole package!  

The eMitigationPLUS Membership for $975.00 one time per member year or $195.00 do at signing and $97.50 per month thereafter. Join Now

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I have E&O insurance so my legal fees are covered. What do you have for me?

The E&O Deductable Membership for $495.00 per year. Join Now

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What do you really know about your Errors and Omissions coverage?

Do you have a copy of the current Declarations page? What is your deductable? Does it depend upon the product at the center of the complaint? How does your BD participate in the expenses, deductibles and settlements? What are limits? What is tail coverage and how could it affect you?

These are the most common areas of frustration, disagreement and strife we see where an E&O policy is in force. (By the way, E&O is a good thing – especially when you know the answers to the above questions.) We most often find that our members “learn” the answers to these questions AFTER they receive a customer compliant. The panic they feel while learning these answers is quite severe.

For more information on how to protect your future from your past please contact us

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