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consulting_00.jpgConsulting is and will be a huge part of your life. If you look at your profession and your personal life you are always engaged in some form of consulting. Your boss may consult with you for ideas and most assuredly your clients are looking for you to provide guidance to them, and they think its your job... by the way it is your job to a certain degree.

As many have found, answers to questions may be hard to find without an inordinate amount of legwork. That's why we are here. FA Risk Consultative Resource is here to alleviate some of the stress and pressure you are encountering. By utilizing the resource that FA Risk provides you; you will be able to save potentially hundreds of man hours a year. We invite you to sign up for a free trial of our service and see if there is a benefit for you.

Engaging FA Risk in the development of or the re-development of your practice will give you another layer of Risk Mitigation Strategies at an affordable and constructive level. Being prepared for any eventuality will allow you respond to circumstances as they occur.

We are able to work with you in nearly every area of your life and business circumstances whether it is concerning your Broker Dealer agreement or your need of some assistance in understanding Due Diligence for a particular product. Practice management, client management, and sales training are just a few of the areas that may be important. Knowing how to avoid litigation is as important as knowing which attorney to call when it does happen. 

We have available to you various time blocks that you can take advantage of with or without membership to FA Risk Management. Please see the different packages available to you. 

Consulting Packages

Member Pricing:

$100.00 per hour for blocks as low as 2 hours off-site

$125.00 per hour for blocks as low as 16 hours on-site plus travel and expenses

Non-Member Pricing:

$200.00 per hour for blocks as low as 2 hours off-site

$275.00 per hour for blocks as low as 20 hours on-site plus travel and expenses

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