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principles_00.jpgWe promise to stand with our members in their darkest hour. We give our members access to information and tools to increase performance in their chosen profession. We promise to effectively deliver to our members counsel, advice, strategies, and open judgment-free conversations, which will positively impact their business, their clients, and their family.

Who We Are

principles_01.jpgWe are people to whom much is given. We are able, healthy, successful people, blessed with privilege, opportunity and intelligence. For ourselves and for our children, the future looks like a promise.

Against this background of optimism, our age, if it is to deliver on its promise, will need people deeply committed to the truth, to what works, to what is real. This age demands of us the courage, the dignity and the integrity to generate behavior beyond what is merely strategic, beyond what, according to the standards of the opinion makers of the day, is wise and reasonable.

 Our age, if it is to deliver on its promise, needs people capable of real heroism- not the kind of heroism which ends up in glory- but the kind which ends up bringing out and making available the truth, what works, what is honest and real.

Our age, if it is to deliver on its promise, needs people who can reach beyond that which is already determined, that which is already predictable, that which can already be expected, and take the lead in creating new possibility.

The demands of this age are extraordinary: to meet them, extraordinary men and women are required. There is no reason, no motivation, no reward for which these people - and you and I - will make this age succeed. There is just our humanity – and the stand that we are.

Of those to whom much is given, much is required.

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